Brand identity


These are the questions you should ask yourself if you have a brand or if you are creating a new one, because these are the questions that your target audience will undoubtedly ask about it. A brand is all the elements that your company shows that create a perception of your potential customers. Without consciously knowing why, they will feel that your brand is right or wrong for them… And we can help shape that perception.

Baig Studio understands that your brand is the main element of your company. Without a strong brand, any advertising or marketing you might undertake won’t have such an impact and could fail.

Branding not only offers a way to create the desired impression on your audience, but also gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your direct and indirect competition. Remember that we, as consumers, are constantly bombarded with information from thousands of brands… What will make your brand stand out?

We are very aware of this, so we pay special attention to the creation of your brand. We find out everything about your business… What you do, why you do what you do, and so on… And then we put those ideas together to present them to your target audience in a way that they will remember and tell the rest.

Creating your logo

Your logo is possibly the most important or at least the most recognizable element of your brand, so it deserves a lot of attention. We pay special attention to the creation of a logo, since for many companies it is the cornerstone of their entire brand identity. Our logo creation process is divided into 3 main parts:

The first step is to collect the main information of your project. This allows us to understand your company, your market, your competition, your goals and objectives.

Once we have understood your needs and objectives, we take care of designing (the fun part!).
We show you 2-4 logo options to choose from, including logo mockups (what they would look
like on a window, a piece of paper, a car, etc.). At this point you should be able to select one to
go with, which we can further adjust until you’re fully satisfied, but if this isn’t the case, we’ve got
one more round of logos for you.

Once the logo design is approved, we create and provide you with a logo handbook. The logo handbook shows all the different formats that your logo can take, the colors and fonts of your new brand. Upon request, we can create more complete brand handbooks with business cards and other corporate identity elements.


Ingredients of a successful brand


Your slogan, your tagline, the content of your website or your brochure, the content on social media, how your employees talk about your company… All of these are extremely important because they are sending a message. This message must be clear and consistent. As professionals in this area of expertise, we help you organize the preparation, positioning and delivery of this message.


Your logo, its colors, its graphics, its fonts, etc. All these elements create an image in the mind of your brand in your customers. This is just as important as your message, and just like your message, it needs to be consistent across all of your materials, your offices, etc. Our task is to create a solid and recognizable image, so that the audience can distinguish you from the rest quickly and effortlessly.


These two ingredients together create a brand experience. This experience is what helps your customers define your brand and is often the determining factor when they buy and when they select one company over others.

How do we create your brand?

Humans are less rational than we would like to think. When deciding how we feel about a company or a brand, our emotions come into play. While you can’t control how your audience feels, you can affect their perception through your brand identity; in other words, the personality a brand would have if it were human. That personality should not only speak to you, but it should also resonate with your audience. Building a brand is about establishing a dialogue between you and your customer. Don’t just make them listen to you, listen to what they say too.

We start by asking questions. By listening to everything you have to say about your brand… The logic behind the things you do and your promise to your audience.

Then we examine the market, its direct and indirect competition. After that, we take a look at your customers. We discover what they like and dislike and, based on that, we determine what lifestyle experience they would like to have with your product or service.

At this stage, we suggest what is best for your new brand based on our findings. We focus on brand positioning. We determine the message and the visual elements that will help create a distinctive place and value in the mind of your target customer.

We establish the details of your brand (brand name, logo, colours, etc.), the uniqueness of your brand and its similarity to the competition, as well as the reasons for buying and using your specific brand, all in a comprehensive brand handbook. At the end of this stage you should know:

  • Who is your brand?
  • Why does your brand matter?
  • Why is your brand different?
  • Why should the public believe in your brand?

This is where we implement everything we have learned and determined. We use your new brand guidelines to create eye-catching materials to showcase and promote your brand.

Outputs range from stationery and promotional print materials to online and digital components. Our goal is to give your audience a unified and memorable brand experience while clearly communicating your brand story.